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    Anne Marie DiMario

    Good Morning,
    So CUPE 2974 is fast approaching the 3 month mark that they have been on strike. They are asking us to pick a day and join them on the pick line. OSSTF has put out an email to see if we want the education sector, as joint support, to join them on their picket line. I know this is a lot to ask as we are just back at work but this is important that we support these 58 Library workers that need our support.
    We as a union have been very lax in supporting these workers especially during the summer. So I am asking all of you to put in for half a union day on Sept 15th or 16th – everyone has to go on the same day – so let’s pick a date. We will put in for a union day (it will cost us) but we need to do this. You do not have to put in for a supply but you must request immediately and put into TESS. Just let your supervisor know that it is union function. Please let me know as soon as possible which day works better for you. We will be on the picket line at 7:30 am till at least 9:30 am. If this just means an hour off of school you can also just make up your time. Whatever you want to do. Just let me know.

    Anne Marie

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    Sue LeBlanc

    Okay….Best date for me is the 16th due to staffing. Let me know

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    Susan Marques

    The 15th would be better for me….But if the 16th is better for everyone else then I will make it work.

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    Michelle Campeau

    The 16th is probably better for me due to staffing as well. But I could probably do either and just head to work right after. So I’m good:)
    I can just make up my time at work, I’m sure my principal will have no problem with that, do I still need to put it in TeSS?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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