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    Anne Marie DiMario

    1) There is an OSBCC town hall call tonight at 7pm. Executive are invited to call in….. original email was for presidents only that is why the late notice.
    Call in number is 1-877-229-8493 Access code 114915#

    2) there is an OSBCC area meeting on November 17th in Chatham at 6 pm – Who is in?
    Thu 17 November 2016 @ 6 p.m. Glitter’s Fun Eatery, Chatham


    1. Whole School Funding Campaign 2. OSBCC Restructuring 3. Classification Representatives from each Local 4. Reports back from Provincial Working Groups 5. CUPE Education Worker Appreciation Day 6. Local concerns? Other items?

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    Michelle Campeau

    Hi all, thank you for the call info. I will try and get on tonight if I am home on time.
    Nov 17 we have a big event at TVA I will be helping with. It’s Parent Teacher Interview night as well as a big literacy event. I will probably be here until at least 6:00 maybe later. So I won’t be able to make that evening. sorry.

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    Carol Tristaino

    I will try to tune in tonight to town hall.
    November 17th is parent teacher interviews. i’ll be working it.
    this looks great I love the additional platform on which to share information.

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    Susan Marques

    I will call in tonight….no problem. I unfortunately can’t give a definite “yes” right this second on the OSBCC area meeting in Chatham…..have to try to see if I can get a sitter.

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    Sue LeBlanc

    I will call in. I also cannot attend the OSBCC meeting as I work P/T interview night til 6:30 on the 17th

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